Patients Need To Avoid These Annoying Mistakes With Diabetes


It isn’t a surprise that Type 2 Diabetes is becoming an epidemic in the United States. More and more people every day are being diagnosed with prediabetes or Type 2 Diabetes. If you or someone you know has just joined the ranks, you should know about the 10 common mistakes in diabetes management & how to avoid them. It can be overwhelming just learning the basics. This article touches on some of the mistakes diabetics make and some solutions to help you gain control of your blood sugar!

1. Not Keeping Blood Sugar Logs

One of the biggest common mistakes in diabetes management is not keeping blood sugar logs. Diabetes  mistakes requires work on both doctor and patient. Your doctor needs to know a trend of blood sugars a few times a day in order to decide the best course of action.

2. Thinking Carbs are a “No-No”

It is a long-time thought that carb intake should be greatly reduced because carbohydrates are converted to sugar by the body. This has led to diets that are too low in carbohydrates and beneficial nutrients are lost. There are “good carbs” out there and diabetics need to know which ones to eat more of and which ones to eat less of. It’s all about portion control and moderation. So, go ahead and have your cake and eat it too!

3. Skipping Meals

Meal skipping is risky for anyone, diabetic or not. When you miss a meal, your liver because to use up a precursor to glucose known as, glycogen. Studies have shown that the combination of increased cortisol from the stress of not eating and glycogen may actually raise blood sugar more than a meal. High cortisol levels (a steroid our body uses to combat stress) can also lead to insulin resistance.

4. Not Pairing Carbs with A Protein

Any carb by itself has the potential to raise your blood sugar. They burn up fast and convert to sugar even quicker when eaten alone. Protein helps to coat carbohydrates in a rich sauce that slows the burn and keeps the spike more stable.

5. Taking a Diabetic “Cheat Day”

There are some weight loss plans out there that encourage a “cheat day.” Losing weight is one of the benefits of eating foods that are good for your blood sugar, but you just can’t bank carbs and fat for one whole day of fun. Your body can’t be thrown into days of no carbs to eating them all in one day. Your blood sugar will go through the roof!

6. Not Talking to Your Doctor

One of the more common mistakes in diabetes mistakes  management is not talking to your doctor. Your doctor needs to know your blood sugar levels, your symptoms, and things you are implementing to manage your blood sugar levels. It’s perfectly your choice to try alternative remedies, but your doctor needs to know this to help balance your treatment and avoid adverse reactions.

7. Thinking Diabetes Can Be “Cured”

So, you went to the doctor and your hemoglobin A1C was perfectly normal. This means you have had a majority of blood sugars in the normal range over the last three months. Your cured, right? Unfortunately, no. At this time there is no cure for diabetes mistakes . However, Type 2 diabetes is reversible and you will see it under control with good management.

8. “Medication Will Fix Everything”

We get sick, we go to the doctors and we get a prescription to get better. Another common mistake in diabetes mistakes  is thinking diabetic medications “fix” diabetes. Medications cannot fix diabetes. It is only a small part of diabetes management and there is a much larger picture!

9. Not Getting Enough Exercise

You’ve got this, your diet is in place and your medication schedule all written down! There is no doubt your treatment plan will work if you are truly putting your whole heart into this, but don’t forget one very important detail – exercise! Exercise helps lower blood sugar levels and can make you feel better. It’s also good for your circulation, because your blood vessels take a beating from increased blood sugar.

10. Poor Eating Habits

And by poor eating habits, we literally mean poor and this may be no fault of your own. You may be trying your hardest to eat healthy, but it’s probably hurting your budget. Totally understandable! Eating healthy foods can be expensive and hard to do. It’s all too tempting to grab that one-dollar box of Mac and Cheese diabetes mistakes of the shelf, but you are eating mostly empty carbs.


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