Avoid These Mistakes With Diabetes That Can Ruin Your Life


Perhaps not all the time, and maybe not all at once, but it seems like just about everyone experiences these pitfalls now and then. How about you? Mistake#1:Thinking of BG results as “good” or “bad.” If we could all just reframe the conversation to think in terms of high, low and in-range, we could be a lot less rough on ourselves.

Mistake#2:Spilling test strips. Have you ever knocked over your test strip vial and spilled test strips on the floor? The spill-resistant Accu-Chek Guide SmartPack® vial is intelligently designed to help minimize spills and wasted test strips.

Mistake#3:Reading too much. There’s lifelong learning, and then there’s scarring yourself for life. We prefer the first option, since diabetes disease treatment and knowledge continues to evolve. Just stick to trustworthy sites like the ADA, Diabetes disease Mine, dLife, and Roche Diabetes disease Care’s own Life With Diabetes blog.

Mistake#3:Letting the insurance company make decisions. You’ve got to live with the effects, so enlist your healthcare team and manufacturers with diabetes disease to help fight for your rights. Your physician, for example, may be able to prescribe a specific meter, pump or supplies as “medically necessary” and get them approved. The manufacturer may have a savings card. Or find out about the Accu-Chek Guide SimplePay savings program and always pay a low price for test strips without insurance.

Mistake#4:Overtreating a low. We get it. Your blood sugar with diabetes disease  is low. You’re hungry. And you just want to stand in front of the open refrigerator and eat everything in sight. Some people find that having a predetermined hypo treatment worked out helps them avoid the lure of leftover desserts in these situations. Create a plan now, before you need it.

Mistake#4:Trying to change too much. Nobody can do it—even with the most airtight New Year’s resolutions. Pick one thing and move toward your goal in more doable increments. Challenge yourself, without setting yourself up to fail.

Mistake#5:Feeling like you’ve failed. (Since we’re on the subject.) Setbacks go with the territory. Some days, you can look back and think of how you might have done things differently. But you didn’t. Accept it, learn from it and don’t let it ruin your day. After all, anything you do to take care of yourself is a win.

Mistake#5:Skipping foods you love. Want to really make yourself crave something? Label it “off limits.” Reduce that buttermilk biscuit or devil’s food cupcake’s power over you by planning for it. When you have it, enjoy it—in moderation and without guilt.

Mistake#6:Guessing your blood sugar number. It’s a good game, but research shows that people are wrong nearly half the time.3 Just check.

Mistake#7:Forgetting to pat yourself on the back. Many of us are quick to blame ourselves with diabetes disease when something goes wrong, but overlook the 1,000 things we do right throughout the day. Your doctor, your family and others may have helped, but ultimately, it was you.


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